Business group


  • Evoluciona – Soluciones inmobiliarias : business group inside the building and housing sectors, offering integrated services to meet different customers needs in the executive phases of the projects. The group is composed by professionals in the areas of engineering, architecture, development, construction and housing commercialization. (



  • KOM Arquitectura Doméstica : develops residential building projects and offers predesigned models that suit to multiple orientations and characteristics of the plots, with a modern and functional architecture. A construction system is not proposed, since it has to be able to adapt to all the advantages of the different systems. The main premises are a good design, energy efficiency and reasonable price. (




  • SET UP Enginyers : Engineering that develops technical projects related to the construction industry, both residential and industrial. By this way complements the construction company from a technical point of view, allowing a better control of costs and providing more agility when it’s time to give answers and apply solutions as in the project level and as during the execution of the works, being able to complement the work management.